Let's do this.

I cannot wait to hear all the details - the dress, how you two lovebirds met, where this is happening, all the things!!

Talk to me, honey.

Give me all the special details. <3 Please send me all the details you are able to share at this point in your planning process!

All inquiries will be answered within 72 hours. If you do not hear from me within that time frame, check your spam folder!

Just incase you need it - my email is bycharliecphoto@gmail.com

I know this still might be up in the air, but where are you most seriously considering tying the knot? I can only provide a quote once I receive a date and location information <3 Tell me all about it!!

This price can vary depending on location, my travel expenses, film, etc.

Link that Pinterest board you've probably been working on for years.

How did you two meet? How long have you guys been together? What does the perfect date night look like? Roller-skating to 70s music or a cozy night in binge watching Harry Potter?! Hahah just kidding but no really I wanna know everything!!

San Clemente, CA


Do you shoot on a film camera or a digital camera?

Both!! Your special day will be captured authentically on both 35mm film and digitally. Plus on Super 8mm Video if you want to add that ;)

Are you willing to travel abroad with us?

Um absolutely - my bags are already packed! When you inquire with me - tell me all about it!!!